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A bloggers tale on how he becomes a father and husband on the same night and how he deals with these changes.
Why this name ? Why is Must spelt Musht ? When trying to name my blog, I went back in time, trying to recollect any word, Phrase or Incident which could help me get a name. All the while I was thinking about the name, I could hear my son go blah blah blah at the background. "I Musht drink milk" he kept saying. Which in normal english means "I need milk". Then I realised, for every sentence he utters, he uses "I Musht" in the beginning. Read On

Posted By deepthi vinod on/at 7:19 AM

dear vindhya atthai and patti and susma atthai,

i today sleep in night. now sleeping me in the bedroom. i go to shop in necklace road. again i take a cake in a shop. i go to shiparam there are one stick old lady give cream and fire with match box. i see toy shop and ben 10 watch there are seven foods and good foods. deethi make good foods. i eat idli icecream and masala cream in the shop the shop name is mr vivaswath vinod.
i (burped) go to madagascar i go to play ground . i play in the stones. i climbing the tree. i play chirchiruboty and rocket and cover bomb and chandramouli play game and i today sleep in the house. ok
today is chester is playing. i doing chester is slapping me. chester is biting me.

after asking me to note down this he runs to the toilet shouting...letin is coming, letin is coming.
time - 12:52 in the night.

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Posted By deepthi vinod on/at 10:59 AM

I am into painting the walls of my new home.Aku walks in and is excited (read super excited) to see the colors.He wants to paint too.So I gave him water colors and asked him to paint a wall in his room.After about an hour,he calls V and me to see his art.

Aku - Vinor,Deethi,you come see what paint I.

We go to his room

Me- what is that aku?

Aku - Balloons (red,yellow and pink),boy (red) and few block (black)

Me - very nice

By this time he is distracted by the thermacol and starts to paint that with keen interest.The best of it all is that more than painting he is interested in filling the cup with water.You see it is not called "water color" for no reason :P

I was not well and wanted to take a pill,V would not let me pop a crocin.So I was arguing a fighting with him.Until the little mama's savior spoke

Aku - Vinor give deethi tablet ok na?

Vinor - ok

aww I loved the feeling of him defending me and tellign his father to better give me what i want...

More joy to the kids and more joy to the parents around.

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Posted By I Must Write on/at 6:12 AM

Why did I have to leave Bangalore and come to Hyderabad ?
Why did I get a call from a company for which I never applied ?
Why did I have to leave the company I thought was my second home ?
Are there any answers at all ?

Why did I have to take up a job which made me sit on D5 ?
Why did I have to get an invitation to a Random party ?
Why did I even go for that party that night ?
Are there any answers at all ?

Why did I just say 'Hello' to you that night ?
Why did I open a facebook account just so I could add you two years down the line ?
Why did I add you on my hotmail account and chat with you at odd times ?
Are there any answers at all ?

Why did I miss my team outing and come to Hampi ?
Why did she make me sleep in that room ?
Why did you sit next to me back to Hyderabad ?
Are there any answers at all ?

Why did we agree to take it forward ?
Why did he call me daddy within a week ?
Why was I invited to your house that afternoon ?
Are there any answers at all ?

Why did we fight over petty stuff ?
Why did we find a lovely house ?
Why Am I getting married on the 30th of August to you ?
Ah ! there is just one answer to all of this. Its because of you. Its just You.

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Posted By deepthi vinod on/at 8:22 PM

5 year and 4 month old decides to take the cycle and ride it at 4 pm.Well for starters it is bloody hot outside and for dessert he refuses to wear a cap. Here is the conversation.

Aku- "Deethi I want go and ride my cycle".
Deethi (being me) - "no,It is hot outside so wait till the sun goes down".

Aku - "No, I am no waiting till sun go down".
Deethi - Why?
Aku - "If sun go down,will be dark, will notable to cycle.no have headlights"

Deethi - "There are street lights".
Aku - (now laughing till he falls down)
Deethi - what is funny?
Aku - street lights no work if no sun, when sun is there, we having light and we getting light in the street lamps.

P.S - Aku is still getting used to speaking in English :). the words here are the exact ones spoken from his tiny mouth!

This is when I introduced him to Who Benjamin Franklin was.

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Posted By deepthi vinod on/at 7:43 AM

So you heard from the man himself about us three. However it's time you hear from me too! I have made a list of 5 things that they invented to make me crazee and laugh a loud at the same time.

1. Balloon Talk:funny language that they talk in.This art is like filling air in balloon and talking with the mouths closed.

2. Photos - both of them are obsessed with photography.the child clicks photographs of human anatomy,while the father clicks photographs of things that surround humans.Both put together make an awesome picture!

3.Secret Sect - When i lecture them,they look like lose puppies.However the min I turn my face they talk in a code that is hard to decipher as it in sign language.With eyes turning and mouths breaking into a weird smile.

4.Man - that can be any man.Our son decided he wants to be FAN man for the day and he is that.In fact in a kinda intoxicated state My man wanted to name our next son FAN.So you see that caught on and it is any man they create for the day!

Wake me up - Now that is a task that they fail in and I love it.As for morning are for my sleep and afternoons for me to reap the house out of the mess they created.

This is fun and sometimes I wonder what was life before,It is better this way.Chaotic,Crazee and Calm has no space for now I guess.....

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Posted By I Must Write on/at 8:56 AM

   That statement is so true, isn't it ? I mean, you sleep thinking you are going to get up and do the exact same thing, but when you get up, your life can become topsy turvey. I don't know about others but I had first hand experience with it many a times. One such time it was so strong that I became a husband and dad all over the same night.

  It's not like I am complaning. It's not like I am not happy. To be frank, I am glad I got into it at the first place. Things have been great so far. Life feels so good when it gets fast forwarded. I keep saying that to her all the time. Thanks to her, My life is fast forwarded. 

P.S : Going forward the mother, the wife and the girl would also be writing on this blog. Looking forward for her to share her experience

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Posted By I Must Write on/at 8:15 AM

So here goes, my life story,

"Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise".

That's it. That sentence says everything I have to say about my life at the moment. With a slight variation. Let me explain how.

Early to Bed - That's the variation I am talking about. There is nothing called Early to bed in my case. The earliest would be 1 in the morning perhaps. There are various reasons for it.

A) My Job keeps me awake.
B) My Life Keeps me awake.

Ok, there are just two reasons, but still.

Early to Rise - My mom always had difficulties in waking me up for school when I was a kid. My 5 year old has taken over that duty at the moment. For some strange reason, he finds happiness in waking me up and not his mother, who I know will not get up even if God walks by earth and gives a shot. So I get up early these days. Very early compared to the time I go to Sleep.

Makes a man,
Healthy -
Ah! My favorite part. Food. Yes, I get to have good food these days. Not that I didn't before I got into that bus, but yes good food. Thanks to her.

Wealthy - No, I haven't become rich after I met her. But she manages my finances really well. I no longer need to worry about how much I need to withdraw from the ATM or how much I need to give the maid.

Wise - That's another variation. I don't think it has changed.

So there you go, "Early to bed and Early to rise, makes a man, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise"

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