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A bloggers tale on how he becomes a father and husband on the same night and how he deals with these changes.
Why this name ? Why is Must spelt Musht ? When trying to name my blog, I went back in time, trying to recollect any word, Phrase or Incident which could help me get a name. All the while I was thinking about the name, I could hear my son go blah blah blah at the background. "I Musht drink milk" he kept saying. Which in normal english means "I need milk". Then I realised, for every sentence he utters, he uses "I Musht" in the beginning. Read On

Posted By deepthi vinod on/at 7:19 AM

dear vindhya atthai and patti and susma atthai,

i today sleep in night. now sleeping me in the bedroom. i go to shop in necklace road. again i take a cake in a shop. i go to shiparam there are one stick old lady give cream and fire with match box. i see toy shop and ben 10 watch there are seven foods and good foods. deethi make good foods. i eat idli icecream and masala cream in the shop the shop name is mr vivaswath vinod.
i (burped) go to madagascar i go to play ground . i play in the stones. i climbing the tree. i play chirchiruboty and rocket and cover bomb and chandramouli play game and i today sleep in the house. ok
today is chester is playing. i doing chester is slapping me. chester is biting me.

after asking me to note down this he runs to the toilet shouting...letin is coming, letin is coming.
time - 12:52 in the night.

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